Since 2009 we’ve helped more than 700,000 students pass their driver license written exam. Download your state’s app today to see why DMV Prep is the #1 test prep platform!

Certified Green Cleaning


We have practice tests for each states’ driver license, learner permit, motorcycle license, commercial driver license (CDL) and endorsements.

Exam Plan

One of DMV Prep’s innovative features is the Exam Planner. In this one place you can put together a practice test just for you. Study by topics, create a short cram or an immersive study session, or setup for your students with all hints turned off.

  • Choose which topics you want to study
  • Adjust the number of questions to practice with
  • Enable study mode to get explanations, scoring, and more

Test Simulator

I would’ve guessed that you should park more than 5 feet away from a fire hydrant. But in one state that’s all you need. And that’s the problem with guessing during a live exam. Guess wrong too many times and you’re coming back another day to try again. DMV Prep gives you a little practice before test day.

We’ve build a great exam simulator with multiple choice questions just like you’ll have on test day. Plus these great features:

  • Bookmark questions to review later
  • Get explanations to questions
  • See your score
  • Return to the same test at any time
  • A running timer, just like the real test