Texas CDL Prep Updated – New Test Questions, Manual, UI Improvements

Texas CDL Prep AppTexas CDL Test Prep has been updated to our latest UI standard, v4.7. We think this presents a much more streamlined experience for the user because all available study resources have been put front-and-center on the main screen. It’s a little easier to get around.

We also offer relevant practice tests within the app for additional purchase which may or may not be beneficial to you. But if you need it it’s there. For example, you can’t get a CDL until first you have a driver license. Maybe some folks need help with that so we put it in there as an in-app purchase.

Additionally, in this update we’ve edited a bunch of questions and added a few more. The Texas CDL Manual is in there as well as the Texas Driver Handbook. Roadsigns are included FREE.

Visit this page for more information on all of our Texas practice tests.

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